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The Coastal Children's Museum

75 Mechanic Street

Welcome to the home of the Coastal Children’s Museum. Dedicated to providing children aged 2 to 9 and their families the opportunity to explore, discover and learn, through play about the natural world, the arts and sciences and the diversity of Maine’s Coast.


Katie Picciottoli

Thursday, April 12, 2018
What a wonderful place to spend the day. And I mean that - full of wonder as kids do each hands on, just-my-size activity. It took my kids 2 hours to work their way through and they probably could have spent 2 more. I was afraid my almost 9 year old would be bored but he found a few things he loved and stuck with those, though your mileage may vary. It was very clean, very homey and cozy. Not full of bells and whistles but each small station or area had well thought ought activity for children to actually engage with such as a vet corner, a book area with soft chairs, a dress up area with stage, a checkers board, an art table, a moveable marble run on a Velcro wall (I want my own!), A "food store", a "woodworking shop" and so much more. It was cheap for what we got and I've been to other similar places with triple the fee and not half as nice. They used the space well. There were 2 stalls in each bathroom. No space for eating so eat before you come, plan a picnic or give your business to a local restaurant or cafe. Great for ages 1-8, but up to age 10 depending on your child's flexibility. They do birthday parties and memberships as well!

Jill Cocks

Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018
This place is great, lots to do. It is broken up into several different rooms for playing which is nice but makes it hard to keep track of children if you have more than one with you.

Nicole Chamberlain

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
We love the touch tank, boats, aquariums, stage with dress up, cedar works slide, loom for weaving, x-ray station, wooden drums, and most of all, the play food market. Wait! The sensory play area and tool workshop as well. I also really appreciate the extra seating in each area. We just scheduled a birthday party there last month and got to enjoy the place all to ourselves. They were so accommodating as we were celebrating two birthdays at once. They made us a beautiful custom poster, goodie bags for the quests, and crowns for each of our kids! Very sweet group of people, highly recommend.

Stephanie Young

Friday, Nov. 3, 2017
My 2 year old loved the kitchen and shopping area! Can be small if busy but wasn't when we were there. Great stop on our long drive!

Becca Haff

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Friendly and a wonderful place for kids!

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