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Diver Ed's Dive-In Theater

The adventure begins as you climb aboard the r/v Starfish Enterprise and head out into beautiful Frenchman Bay in Bar Harbor, Maine…

Cruise out past seabirds, seals and even the occasional whale; relax and take in the beauty of the area as seen from the water while getting to know Diver Ed and the local ecosystems.  When the spot seems “right”, Captain Evil drops anchor and the show begins!

Diver Ed and his faithful diver partner, Mini Ed, suit up and prepare to dive.  The perfect dive begins with the perfect launch – and that’s where the kids come in.  One good shove and over goes Diver Ed!

Diver Ed & Mini Ed go straight down to the bottom of the bay – but you don’t miss out on any of the action.  Special cameras transmit real time footage to an on-board movie screen where the creatures of the bay appear in full, vivid color.  You can even talk with Diver Ed thanks to his high tech mask and transmitter!

“Mini Ed” helps put everything into proportion. A daring explorer, he just can’t help but wrangle with the lobsters and woo the sea stars. Each adventure is more hair raising than the last & you’ll be amazed at the situations he gets into!

Eventually, Diver Ed & Mini Ed return to the boat – and so do the creatures! Touch tanks allow you to observe, handle – and sometimes even kiss – these strange and mysterious beings before they are returned safely to the sea. You will be amazed at the colors, the textures and the variety of animal life beneath the waves.

It is an amazing journey into the alien world in our own backyard. Come explore!

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