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Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

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The mission of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is to protect, preserve, and enhance the botanical heritage and natural landscapes of coastal Maine for people of all ages through horticulture, education, and research.

A Brief History:

After 16 years of planning, planting, and building, the grand opening of Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens was celebrated on June 13, 2007. This ambitious project began in 1991 when a group of mid-coast Maine residents founded the grassroots organization. They, and those who worked with them and came after them, shared the belief that northern New England in general, and Maine in particular, were in need of a botanical garden.

In 1996, after a thorough search for an appropriate site, Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens purchased 128 acres of pristine land with 3,600 feet of tidal shore frontage in Boothbay. This was possible due to the unhesitating willingness of founders to use their own homes as collateral.

Today Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens comprises 270 acres of tidal shoreland and in 2014 welcomed more than 100,000 guests throughout the year. To ensure the organization’s infrastructure remains sound and capable of supporting future growth in visitation, a Master Planning committee comprised of staff and board members has begun working on a 20-Year Master Plan.


Ruth Shaw

Sunday, June 10, 2018
It is not possible to have too much of the beautiful experience of visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Parking is easy with a short walk to the visitors center, and a drop off as necessary near the door before parking. Kind and informative check-in folks, with maps, and suggestions as needed, and extensive walkways to journey to every corner to the gardens. Regular tour buses picking up and dropping off for those who prefer a ride. Lunchrooms, bathrooms, and an interesting shop are all available. But these excellent qualities are only the framework for extensive and beautiful gardens, something for all ages. Wind sculptures, water gardens, a butterfly garden (still in it's infancy -much more is planned), places with special magical to appeal to children, even a meditation garden well off the beaten path. Go there! Your spirit will be refreshed by the experience of a journey to these gardens.

Remi Paluszak

Wednesday, July 4, 2018
A truly wonderful place, well maintained, brand new facilities, available staff, reasonable prices that are clearly being utilized to improve the facility. We came here with the whole family, grandparents, my wife and I and two kids and had plenty to do and explore for many hours. Our 8-year-old, who is very content playing on his iPad all day, thanked us for bringing him here and said that he had a lot of fun. Besides "flowers or plants" the paths weave through the well designed gardens like a labyrinth, bringing up unexpected discoveries. There are ponds populated by fish and frogs, many insects and birds. There is a little playground where you can explore bird calls, gardens with herbs and vegetables, a newly established butterfly conservatory, a place to learn about gardening and maintenance and there even was a puppet theater. All this, which I perceived as the most important aspect, was well integrated into the existing fauna and landscape instead of replacing it. Parking was easy and accessible, entrance swift, the facilities clean and well maintained. The location is apart from any environmental distractions like busy roads and allows to be fully present. What came as a pleasant surprise was that the cafe, at first glance expansive and simple, was actually quite good in terms of quality and quantity and did not mislead. The salads and sandwiches simply tasted as if someone had just picked the greens and vegetables from the gardens. The staff was accommodating and one person was able to help me with a band-aid for a blister on my foot. Maybe that is normal but I was pleasantly surprised that they had them readily available. My suggestion to these gardens would be to create a strong photography program or events and info packets with information what can be found there, when, where and, for novices, suggestions for composition/settings. I have never been to a botanical garden that is not full of "photographers" as it presents with so many subjects. Keep up the good work!

Jason H

Thursday, July 5, 2018
It was blazing hot on the 4th of July but we certainly enjoyed walking the pathways at our leisure. I'm impressed with how well the plants looked I'm sure the staff spends a lot of time keeping it beautiful. Most plants are very well-marked and the pathways are well maintained. The staff was super friendly and helpful. We did get there early and there was plenty of parking in their new parking lot, there was nice restroom facilities in a beautiful building. We did not go in the cafe or gift shop

Jonathan Kubo

Friday, June 1, 2018
What a beautiful place!! Still finishing up the new additions, but it was still very nice. All the staff were helpful and excited to be working there. My mother has mobility issues, but the main garden is fairly flat with wide paths, so we were able to get around, plus they had shuttles to some other parts of the property. Would definitely return

Bill Liu

Sunday, July 8, 2018
This garden is said to be New England's largest outdoor botanical gardens. Over thousands of plants are grown here with different seasonal displays, including butterflies. There is also a children's area with very cute chicken coop! The plants convey feelings of joy, serenity, and happiness and create beautifully, naturally made paintings! In the future, they should also add a tropical house with a koi pond, palm trees, and several species of birds.

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