10 Best Soup Places in Maine

Soup has long been a favorite meal, especially on a cool day. Some even believe soups hold medicinal properties. Good on its own and the ideal accompaniment to a sandwich or salad, the list goes on. One thing’s for sure though: soup is great for when you want something hot and hearty to eat. From clam chowder at cafes in Bar Harbor to tomato soup at restaurants in Portland, these Maine eateries serve up a mean bowl of soup. Here are our favorites. 

Paddy Murphy’s, Bangor, ME

The soup at Paddy Murphy’s has an international flair. Choose from Jesse’s potato soup, French onion soup, butternut squash soup and Hungarian mushroom soup. And this is just the start of the list. Enjoy many of their soups in a cup or bowl—or even a bread bowl—for an extra hearty meal.

Kamasouptra, Portland, ME

Located in Portland’s Public Market House, Kamasouptra provides customers with delicious, hot soups including curried root vegetable and lentil, sweet potato and corn chowder, Italian white bean and kale and more. The menu changes daily, with seasonal options prominent in the fall and winter. You’re sure to find one or more that you’ll love.

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Fork and Spoon, Bangor, ME

Located next door to the Children’s Museum, Fork and Spoon is the perfect place to enjoy delicious, homemade soup. The menu changes daily, but the local popularity stays strong. Downtown merchants get soup to go during their lunch hour, while shoppers stop in to eat. The sandwiches and salads pair nicely with the soup du jour, and the baked goods are out of this world.

Side Street Café, Bar Harbor, ME

Not many restaurants in Bar Harbor stay open all winter, but Side Street Café does exactly that. Filling up hardy New Englanders with seasonal favorites like lobster stew, clam chowder, and the soup du jour, they know what it takes to keep people warm and satisfied during crisp and downright cold months. Stop by to warm your body and your soul.

Forage, Lewiston and Portland, ME

Forage is a wood-fired bakery and café that is known in both the Lewiston and Portland areas for their homemade soup. Changing daily, it varies with the season. Call ahead to see if the day’s offerings are to your liking. Then come in and dine in the rustic café or take your soup home to warm up later. 

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Hurricane’s Café & Deli, Greene, ME

Who’d have thought that some of the very best soup in the state of Maine would come from the tiny town of Greene? It’s true, though. At Hurricane’s Café & Deli, the soup list is long—and so is the list of regular customers. Choose from Cuban black bean soup, Maine broccoli cheddar soup, Cajun style sweet potato chicken soup, and many more. You’ll love the service almost as much as you’ll love the soup at this gem of a café.

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Chick-A-Dee of Lewiston, Lewiston, ME

At Chick-A-Dee of Lewiston, you’ll find delicious homemade soups on the menu every day. Hearty haddock chowder, clam chowder, lobster stew, and their soup of the day round out their soup menu. You’ll love the comfortable surroundings. It’s sort of like “Cheers”—everyone seems to know everyone else’s names. Even though seafood is the “headliner” at this restaurant, the soup has grown an avid following in the past couple of years. You’ll be glad you checked it out.

Hot Suppa, Portland, ME

Even though just two kinds of soup grace the menu at Hot Suppa, customers swear it’s some of the best they’ve ever eaten. Available only at lunchtime, their creamy tomato soup is a top seller, but it’s their corn & andouille chowder that keeps the regulars coming in. Hearty and flavorful, with just the right amount of spice, it’s a meal in itself. Stop by Hot Suppa—known for their traditional southern cooking—and enjoy a cup or a bowl.

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Pho Hoa Grill, Bangor, ME

For a delicious bowl of pho or ramen, visit Pho Hoa Grill. Customers love the delicious Vietnamese soups they serve. Hearty and substantial, each is a meal in itself. Featuring several kinds of pho, you’ll find soup for most every palate here.

Anju Noodle Bar, Kittery, ME

Serving up “freestyle Asian cuisine,” the soup at Anju Noodle Bar is a culinary awakening. Choose from their shoyu ramen, khao soy, yuzu ramen and more for a feast for both the eyes and the palate. Anju Noodle Bar has taken the southern Maine coast by storm.

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