10 Best Eyewear Stores in Maine!

Eyewear does more than simply correct vision. It speaks to the wearer’s personality and sense of style. For a wide variety of colors, designs, and styles, look no further than the great eyewear stores of Maine. Here are our favorites in the state.  

Smart Eyecare, Augusta, Bangor and Farmingdale, ME

All three Smart Eyecare locations are equipped with opticians for eye care needs, as well as a showroom of eyeglass frames from which to choose. You needn’t be a patient to buy your glasses here. Simply bring in your prescription and start trying on frames!

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Eyemart Express, South Portland, ME

At Eyemart Express, consumers get incredible bargains on both their lenses and frames. Specials frequently boast two pairs for the cost of one. This is a great place for fashionistas to purchases several pairs of glasses to meet all their style needs.

Classic Eyewear, Scarborough, ME

An independent eyewear shop, Classic Eyewear has served Maine customers for nearly 50 years. Choose from a nice assortment of eyewear frames. Their inventory is ample! They feature a few brand names that can’t be purchased elsewhere in the state, so if you seek something unique, this just may be the place for you. You may order your contact lenses here, too.

Mainely Eyes, Bangor, ME

At Mainely Eyes, consumers will find an eclectic selection of eyeglasses frames, as well as everything needed to order sunglasses and safety glasses, too. Working in conjunction with Goldthwait Vision Care, they offer the latest in lens technology. The assortment of frames is impressive, as is the service. You may order contact lenses here as well.

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Vision Care of Maine, Multiple locations

The optical shops at Vision Care of Maine feature everything from designer eyewear to frames for basic readers. Something for every style and budget, the technicians work with consumers until they are comfortable and happy with their new frames. They fully understand that eyewear invokes a sense of fashion, and they aim to match each consumer with the perfect frames.

Rodrigue and Associates Eyecare, Augusta, ME

You needn’t be a patient at Rodrigue and Associates Eyecare in order to purchase your eyewear here. In fact, many of their customers simply bring in the prescriptions their opticians provided and pick out their eyewear here. They feature all the latest styles and even have an impressive selection for children. They are the largest retailer in the region, and they pride themselves on having fashionable frames for all budgets.

Kull Family Eye Care, Orono, ME

Even though Kull Family Eye Care is a full-service eyecare center, consumers may bring their prescriptions from elsewhere and have them filled here. The center has been in business for about 35 years and the technicians know what looks right on each person. They offer their insight into not just the latest fashions, but on which frames fit each face shape as well. 

York Family Eyecare, York, ME

York Family Eyecare earns rave reviews for its in-house eyewear boutique. Featuring the largest selection of eyewear in southern Maine, they offer precision fittings and adjustments even after the purchase. You don’t have to be a patient to access the boutique.

Kittery Eye, Kittery and Wells, ME

Kittery Eye features a huge assortment of eyewear for everyone in the family. While some boutiques focus mostly on women’s styles, the assortment for men and children at Kittery Eye is incredibly impressive, too. No longer must men and kids choose from a mere dozen frame options. The walls in the ample boutique are plentiful for everyone seeking new eyewear.

Kennebec Eye Care, Waterville, ME

The professionals at Kennebec Eyecare want you to love the glasses you choose. They understand that your eyewear will grace your face every single day for a long while to come, and they know it’s important to you to look stylish and see perfectly. Bring in your prescription from any eye doctor and you may peruse the fine selection of frames available. Their technicians are even well versed in matching the color of each frame to a person’s hair and skin colors. You’ll love the eyewear you buy here—for a long time, too!

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