Maine Jewish Film Festival - Waterville

Maine Jewish Film Festival - Waterville

Sunday, Mar 29, 2020 at 12:00pm


The 2020 MJFF will feature a fascinating collection of films from around the world. Offerings include a gripping drama about a youth orchestra of Palestinians and Israeli Jews, a documentary about the only Arab recognized as ‘righteous among nations’ by Israel, and a romantic story about an ex German POW who became a sports hero in England after WWII. You’ll meet the wildlife photographer whose great white whale was a polar bear, the Yiddish poet who was rescued by Stalin and the gay Mormon stand-up comic studying for his bar mitzvah.  Special programs give the opportunity to meet filmmakers, artists and experts who add so much to the festival experience.


An up close and personal look at Israeli human rights lawyer, Lea Tsemel. Across a decades long career, almost all of her clients have been Palestinians accused of extremist crimes. An absorbing looking at one person’s tireless efforts to live her moral and ethical vision within the morass of the Israeli/Palestinian divide.