Great Maine Barbecue Challenge

Great Maine Barbecue Challenge

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 at 11:00am


2nd Annual Great Maine Barbecue Challenge

Spectators can expect a great weekend of blues music, great food and of course, beer!

Event Schedule:

NEBS Competition:

In order for a competition team to have their scores count towards NEBS Team of the Year honors, the chief cook that signed the contest application for the team must be a paid member of NEBS when the contest takes place and must be present at the competition. Any scores accumulated after the listed chief cook is no longer a member, by a vote of the Board of Directors for non‐payment of dues or any other reason, will not count towards NEBS Team of the Year.

NEBS Grilling Contest:  The Northeast Barbecue Society Rules will apply for this contest without exceptions. Contestants will be competing in the following categories: Note: all categories require minimum 6 portions for judging.

11:00am: NEBS Judges Meeting

12:00pm: Chicken Wing Turn‐In

12:30pm: Mystery meat Turn‐In

1:00pm: Meat Chili Turn‐In    

1:30pm: Dessert Turn‐In 

3:00pm: NEBS Grilling Awards Ceremony


Performing Bands:

11am-1pm: Blues On Tap

1PM-2:30PM: Bad Daddy

3PM-4:30PM: Juke Rockets

Admission: Entrance is $10/person and with your admission, you receive $5 in Pig Bucks. Children 10 and under are free!