Exhibition - O HORIZON

Friday, Jun 21, 2019 from 10:00am to 5:00pm


In the forest, the different elements making up the physical composition of the environment are described as being organized into layers.  The layer that lies directly below the first plants on the forest floor is called the O Horizon. Invisible to the forest’s visitors, the O Horizon acts as a threshold between the seen and unseen worlds of that ecosystem.

Working with the idea of a threshold between seen/unseen, known/unknown, and visible/invisible, two artists use the language of the forest to explore these dynamics.  Jarid del Deo’s paintings introduce a sense of wariness into the landscape, through the suggestion of recently-vanished interlopers within carefully organized compositions.  Hilary Irons uses pattern and geometry to offset the chaos of the forest’s tangled growth.

O Horizon presents the work of these artists as a response to both visual and natural histories; an urge to categorize and explain encountering tension when mystery is allowed to breathe and grow.  The artwork presented here, like the O Horizon in nature, works on a level that does not always disclose its origins, but instead allows density to create its own structure.