Bad Dates

Monday, Apr 26, 2021 at 7:00pm



by Theresa Rebeck  Shoe-obsessed divorcee Haley played by Annie Henk regales us with hilarious stories as she re-enters the world of dating in this 90-minute (no break) one-woman show. “And then I realize, in this sort of strange, hallucinatory moment, that the bug guy is looking kind of good, and the things he’s saying about bugs are really kind of fascinating and it is then that I realized that maybe it has been too long since I’ve been on a date.” — So confesses a single mother and self-described restaurant idiot-savant in this thoroughly charming and slyly sweet one-woman play by the author of The Butterfly Collection and Spike Heels. This idiosyncratic journey to self-discovery involves the Romanian mob, a Buddhist rainstorm, a teenage daughter, shoes, and a few very bad dates. (Concord Theatrical)

In theater performances | April 16 - May 2

Digital on Demand viewing | April 28 - May 16